Dancehall Fit-Get Your Sexy Back

A Caribbean Dance Fitness Workout that incorporates a mix of dance moves played to Dancehall, Reggae, Soca, Reggaeton & Calypso music, and beats. When the music hits, you wouldn’t want to stop!!!
This class uplifts your spirits, burns calories, tones the body, makes you sweat, and makes you feel uninhibited, sexy & energized! You will have FUN, FUN & MORE FUN!!

Thursdays • Time: 7 pm

Place: BriteStar Events LLC
7441 S US Highway 301, Suite 108, Riverview, 33578
Price: $39.99 per Month  •  $10.00 per Session 
Zoom: Thursdays at 7pm
Price: $39.99 per Month  •  $10.00 per Session 
Zoom link will be sent after registration

All classes are 1 hour long.
Please check our calendar for more community events/classes and free classes for Seniors.

Benefits of Dancehall Fit

Chinyere Sam’s Background

Chinyere Sam has been a dedicated competitive athlete for over 17 years. At the tender age of 8, she began competing with elementary and high school track and field teams in Guyana. At age 15, she moved with her family to Barbados and continued to excel in high school track and field. After graduating, she migrated to the United States to attend Ricks college. Upon graduation, Chinyere attended Utah Valley University and became a leading track athlete.


In 2019 Chinyere experienced a deeply challenging personal trial. After surviving a broken relationship, she found herself alone, supporting two toddler sons, shockingly homeless and forced to live in her fitness studio. Chinyere fought and conquered depression by dancing to spirited, invigorating native, cultural Caribbean music taught by her family and friends when she was a teen. She was able to relieve stress, lift her spirits and experience joy again. Caribbean dance and music reinforced her love of life, self-identity, and purpose. After receiving Dancehall, Reggae, Soca and Calypso music from her DJ friend Dondy, Chinyere danced daily. Increasing numbers of friends began to join her. They were inspired, sweating, and having more fun than they had in years! Dance was inevitably added to her fitness program; female clients loved it! It was fun – a lighter challenge to complement fitness goals.

“DANCEHALL FIT- Get Your Sexy Back” was born in the Fall of 2019 at her studio and attracted many who wanted to burn calories and keep fit while having fun! Because of Covid, clients began to request in-home training in 2020 and online classes were offered. Chinyere’s goal has always been to inspire the love of lifetime practices of health, exercise, dance, and nutrition. “DANCEHALL FIT- Get Your Sexy Back” is beautifully designed to enrich a global audience, both online and in person.

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